The Simple Answer: Yes!

According to the ARRL & the FCC Ham Radio Operators are allowed to use a PO Box, a private mailbox,  or their home address as a valid address for their Amateur Radio License registration.

Personal Information the FCC Publishes on Ham Radio Operators


If you have earned your FCC Amateur Radio License, you should know that personal information about you will be made public on the FCC’s Universal Licensing System (ULS).

If you’re a Ham Radio Operator who does not want your home address or other personal information made public on the FCC’s website you could use an alternative address such as:

Will the FCC Actually Mail Me?

The chances of the FCC mailing you are very low, but not zero. Per the Rules & Report 20-126 the FCC intends to shift all critical and transactional communications to digital. This means that Ham Radio Operators must have a valid email address on file in addition to their US mailing address. 

However, The FCC made it clear that they intend to keep the physical mailing address for Ham Radio Operators as a requirement for the foreseeable future. 

Are You a Ham Who Wants More Privacy?

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